Where Passion meets Purpose

Being a laundromat/restaurant we are uniquely suited to help out in times of crisis and we believe we are only as strong as the community around us. That’s why we are always ready to step up when needs arise

Disaster Response

What do you do when a tragedy has your name all over it? Step up of course! When Houston and the areas around it flooded after Hurricane Harvey, Washbangers served as a collection outpost gathering over 1,000 pounds of supplies like bottled water, diapers, non-perishable food and so on. We also set up shop in Anderson and spent all night smoking pork butts for an event that feed over 500 first responders and people displaced by the flooding.

Supporting First Responders

Every Year Washbangers donates meals to feed local law enforcement on game weekends when they don’t have time to grab anything else. We have also provided delicious meals on holidays to those who were not able to be with their families because they were still working to keep us safe.

Supporting Local Culinary Programs

Chef Michael Lair regularly participates in events with local high school culinary teams. The Taste of Aggieland is one event that pairs local chefs with area high schools for an opportunity to invest in the future of the local restaurant scene.

Local Sourcing

We use local companies to buy local food. It’s the way we have always done it. We have relationships with the people we buy from and the people that produce what we use. Its part of the reason we are so proud of what we serve.

Scratch Cooking

We firmly believe in great food made from great ingredients by great people. Our team slices, dices and cooks up everything we serve in house everyday because we believe food tastes better when it’s fresh.